Texas Foundation Repair Experts

The soils in Texas vary from city to city. San Antonio or Austin soils are different from Dallas soils, Lewisville soils are different from Temple, and Plano soils are different from Bastrop. A pier that works best for Rowlett, may not work best in New Braunfels! Different foundation repair systems work better in different soil types.

All Methods of Foundation Repair

Most companies try and sell you one system - their preferred system. All Pro Foundation Repair is the expert in all recognized types of foundation repair methods in Texas and all work comes with a lifetime guarantee. We pioneered the All Pro REPAIR SYSTEM, featuring ALL PIER systems - matched to your soil types, professionally installed by All Pro's professionally trained installers. This means you get the best pier, the best repair and best value for your dollar. GUARANTEED.

When it comes to your home's foundation repair, trust in All Pro.
Locally Owned & Operated by Native Texans, we specialize in Texas soils.

All work plans drawn by Licensed Independent Engineers.*
All completed repair projects approved by Licensed Independent Engineers.*
All projects are field-inspected by Licensed Independent Engineers. *

* All-Pro Foundation Repair is not a licensed engineering firm, nor does it offer engineering services.  We use independent engineers to ensure that all of our work meets the highest standards.  Beware of companies that offer in-house or staff engineering services.  These are not unbiased engineers and they are not working for you!

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