Client Testimonials for ALL PRO Foundation Repair

Over 30 years of Foundation Repair Experience

Thank you for saving my house. There is no other foundation repair company that could or would have done what you guys did for my house. After the first pier was installed, your foreman showed me that the system I had chosen to repair my house was not going to work very well. Then he switched me to a better pier and the same price. What would the other guys have done, since they only offer one system that would not have worked for my soil? J.J. Rowlett, TX

I really didn't think I was ever going to need the independent engineers report you guys included with the work. I even told the estimator not to bother with it, but he insisted I would need it one day. When I renewed my homeowners insurance I mentioned the great job you guys had done for me. My insurance company promptly gave me 30 days to send over the report or they would drop my coverage. I immediately sent them the report that I thought was a waste of my time and saved my homeowners insurance.
S.H Denton, TX

To the great people at All Pro Foundation Repair, I cannot believe how great your crew was. Every other company told us it would take 4 to 5 days to complete the job. The guys on your crew never stopped working, they stayed late and got the job done in one day. Your foreman was unbelievable, he explained to me that your company has larger crews to finish the jobs faster and create as little disruption as possible. Our life is back to normal and our house is great again.
M.J. Fort Worth, TX

We had 8 different companies bid on our foundation repair. Everyone except you guys spent most of their time trying to convince us how great their system was. The estimator from All Pro went over the pros and cons of each system and let us determine the best system for us. When it came time to do the work, we had realistic and informed expectations and you guys far exceeded them. Thanks All Pro!
J.S. and T.S. Irving, TX  



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